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Beyontec Suite’s questionnaire-based Claims Module minimizes the time spent on manual tasks by using automated, response-driven workflows. From the First Notice of Loss to subrogation, from fraud detection to litigation management, from automated reserve creation to the final payment, Beyontec Suite’s Claims module helps adjusters respond to policyholder needs quickly and efficiently.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support your business – the way you to – giving you the independence and freedom to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

TAT Based Claims Process
TAT Based Claims Process

Turn Around Time Based Claims Process

Beyontec Suite is a workflow-driven solution with the ability to create and manage claims processes and work queues dynamically. SLAs can be set to track and measure the response times of each process, resulting in continuous tracking and improved response times.
No-touch Claims
No-touch Claims

No-Touch Claims

Beyontec Suite provides no-touch, transparent, and accessible claims processing through automated workflows and digital, real-time communication with customers.
Mobility Based Claims Processing
Mobility Based Claims Processing

Mobility Based Claims Processing

Beyontec Suite allows insurers to track and process claims using mobile applications. Mobility based capabilities ensure claim related information is uploaded and shared quickly and efficiently by adjusters.

Real-Time Validation with Policies

Beyontec Suite validates claim information against pertinent policy data such as coverages, limits, and effective dates to ensure accurate claims processing.

Automatic Reserve Creations

Beyontec Suite can default reserves amounts using a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) feature. Reserves can be determined by previous experience, claim type, and coverage amount.

Automatic Adjustor Allocation

Beyontec Suite provides the ability to automatically assign claims to adjusters based on coverage type, geographic location, and potential loss amounts. Insurers can use the configuration toolkit to configure the rules and limits at which an adjuster is automatically assigned. Adjusters may be notified of new claims through workbaskets and other automated notifications.

Automatic Garage Allocation

Beyontec Suite may be integrated with garages and automobile repair shops for real-time quote generation and approvals. Claim adjusters can monitor repairs and communicate with garages using the Beyontec Suite Vendor portal.

Reserve History Maintenance

Beyontec Suite tracks all reserve modifications and provides a complete audit history of claims transactions.

Litigation Management

Beyontec Suite enables insurers to capture and track litigation details online through the claims module. Calendar entries drive automatic notifications to claim personnel about upcoming events such as hearings, arbitrations, or court hearings.

Real-Time Dashboard

Beyontec Suite’s dynamic dashboards provide a single-screen view of customer policy details, historical transactions, claims, and payment history.

Authority Based Approval

Beyontec Suite allows insurers to set automated approval levels through the user authorization engine. Authority levels may be set for individual adjusters or adjuster groups by loss type, reserve amount, and line of business.

Significantly minimize manual processes in your claims administration lifecycle.

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