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When Business Processes Are Unique, You Need a Technology That Is Suited for Your Business

Managing a F.A.I.R. plan is unique for each state and presents challenges not faced by other insurers. Whether you are ordering inspection reports or creating underwriting guidelines to minimize your risk, you need a technology solution that assists you in meeting these unique demands quickly and efficiently.

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Product Highlights

Beyontec Suite offers a cloud-based, workflow driven, configurable solution for the end-to-end operational demands of a F.A.I.R. plan. The Suite enables you to elevate operations from an existing legacy system to a digitally enabled environment using preconfigured, F.A.I.R. plan specific products that are

Cloud-Based Solutions

Beyontec Suite allows you to keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is configured with industry-specific products that meet the majority of F.A.I.R. Plans’ needs.

Highly Secure and Scalable

Beyontec Suite enables authorized users to securely access application data and define and manage users, groups, access rights, and authorities while implementing maker-checker compliance.


Beyontec Suite establishes an online presence and extends business activities to the web. It serves more customers by interconnecting policyholders, agents, and other business partners.

Easily Configurable

Beyontec Suite comes with pre-configured products for F.A.I.R Plans, making it easy to launch new products and modify existing products as per market needs.

Pre-Configured Products

Beyontec Suite comes with pre-configured F.A.I.R Plan products including homeowners, dwelling fire, commercial fire, and farm owners, and is available to policyholders, producers, and other business partners.

Automated Underwriting

Beyontec Suite offers a catalog of business rules influenced by existing F.A.I.R. Plan clients and driven by a powerful business rules engine.

Comprehensive Rating Engine

Beyontec Suite’s comprehensive rating engine allows F.A.I.R. Plans to configure their own rating variances and systematically apply surcharges and credits based on risk.

Complete Claims Management

Beyontec Suite offers complete claims management functionality with automatic verification of policy coverages based on loss date and activity and role-based workbaskets designed to encourage appropriate and timely actions.

Intelligent Workflow

Beyontec Suite tracks new, pending, and backlogged tasks and notifies producers, insureds, and employees of pending activities through a variety of workbaskets and automated communication.

Flexible Payment Methods

Beyontec Suite offers F.A.I.R Plan specific payment options and payment types including cash, check, credit card, debit card, ACH, and EFT.

Integrated General Ledger

Beyontec Suite offers an integrated general ledger package for managing financial accounting and reporting. The ledger includes invoice generation and check printing.

Configuration Toolkit

Beyontec Suite’s built-in configuration toolkit allows F.A.I.R. Plans to manage the day-to-day changes to products, workflows, rating, and underwriting rules using fully integrated tools.

Integrated Document Management

Beyontec Suite provides a central repository of all policy and claim documents and attachments created by the system and those manually initiated.

API Integration

Beyontec Suite comes with a set of pre-built APIs to easily integrate the solution with third-party software and systems commonly used by F.A.I.R. Plan clients.

Build stronger, digital-first capabilities and serve the digitally empowered consumer.

Modules of Beyontec Suite