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Digital transformation and demand for self-service options are forcing the insurance industry to migrate to online ecosystems. Beyontec is committed to opening as many channels as possible so insurers, brokers, agents, policyholders, third-party administrators, garages, and more can stay connected through universal, digital platforms.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support your business – the way you to – giving you the independence and freedom to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

Multiple Channel Support
Multiple Channel Support

Multiple Channel Support

Beyontec Suite provides multiple, online portals for policyholders, brokers, agents, surveyors, garages, and other vendors. All portals are customizable, displaying pertinent policy and claim information for the related party.
60 Seconds Quotes
60 Seconds Quotes

60 Seconds Quotes using WinValidation

Beyontec Suite makes processes simple by using Optical Character Technology. OCR automates data entry and minimizes the time and effort required to obtain a quote.
Single Platform for All Products
Single Platform for All Products

Single Platform for All Products

Beyontec Suite’s portals help insurers expand their business activities on the web – providing the right information for the right users in real-time.
Self-service Portals
Self-service Portals

Self-Service Portals

Beyontec Suite’s portal solutions offer unprecedented access to services and related information, improving the overall customer experience.

Automated Rating Engine

Beyontec Suite’s comprehensive rating engine is built into the portals, allowing insurers to configure their own rating rules across all products.

Business Rule Engine

Beyontec Suite’s intuitive business rules engine allows insurers to configure both simple and complex rule definitions. The rules can be used to allow insureds to purchase favorable policies or to refer complex and riskier applications to underwriters.

Dynamic Product Configuration

Beyontec Suite’s product configuration tool, along with its powerful rating and business rules engines, combine to enable insurers to create and launch new products faster.

Document Management System

Beyontec Suite stores all related policy and claim documents in a centralized repository, significantly reducing call times for system users. Policyholders, brokers, agents, and third-parties have instant access to pertinent information.

Premium Payment Integration

Beyontec Suite’s portals are integrated with payment gateways allowing premium payments to be made through multiple channels including bank transfer, credit cards, and debit cards.

Online Policy Renewal

Beyontec Suite’s customer portal provides secure access through which insureds can renew policies using their debit or credit card.

Claims Notification

Beyontec Suite’s customer portal allows policyholders to file a First Notice of Loss and to track the claim status in real-time. Automated communication with the insured may be configured using one of the many Beyontec Suite tools.

Service Request

Beyontec Suite’s customer portal allows policyholders to make service requests in real-time, helping insurers maintain appropriate service level agreements.

Real-Time Dashboard

Beyontec Suite offers dynamic dashboards that provide a single-screen view of customer policy details, historical transactions, billing information, and more.

Customer Feedback

Beyontec Suite’s portals provide real-time feedback from users, allowing improved service and benchmarking.

Expand your business activities with Beyontec portal solutions.

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