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Beyontec Suite’s Policy Administration Module is a workflow driven solution that includes all the features required to quote, bind, issue, endorse, cancel, reinstate, rewrite, and renew policies. The Suite’s powerful business rules and rating engines compliment the module, allowing insurance companies to go-to-market with new products quickly and efficiently.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support your business – the way you to – giving you the independence and freedom to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

Automated Underwriting
Automated Underwriting

Automated Underwriting

Driven by an automated rating engine, powerful business rules engine, and workflow engine, Beyontec Suite is preconfigured with a catalog of business workflow queues to enable straight-through processing.
Workbaskets for Notes & Diary
Workbaskets for Notes & Diary

Paperless Processing

Beyontec Suite allows you to communicate with your customers online, in real-time, by sharing pertinent policy, billing, and claims documents digitally. This minimizes paper usage and mailing expenses while making your business transparent and easily accessible to policyholders.
Customer 360 View
Customer 360 View

Customer 360 View

Beyontec Suite comes with all modules tightly coupled and integrated, providing a single view of each policyholder’s personal details, policy and premium information, and claims data.

Instant Quotation

Beyontec Suite’s workflow, rating, and business rules engines work together to automate the process of providing optimal, real-time quotes based on customer specific needs.

Multi-Channel Support

Beyontec Suite supports multi-channel operations allowing customers to be served through branch offices, self-service kiosks, or the online customer portal.

Digital Signature

Beyontec Suite supports digital signature and paperless transactions for faster policy issuance.

Centralized Automated Rating

Beyontec Suite includes robust rating definitions to support even the most complex rating algorithms. The automated rating process is available across all lines of business and all delivery channels.

Real-Time Dashboards

Beyontec Suite offers dynamic dashboards that provide a single-screen view of customer policy details, historical transactions, billing information, and more.

Multi-Level Approvals

Beyontec Suite’s business rules engine allows insurers to set automated approval limits using the maker, checker, and approval model.

API Library (Third Party Integration)

Beyontec Suite provides a set of pre-built APIs that streamline automation across external systems for real-time quote and application processing.

Quote Comparison

Beyontec Suite allows agents, brokers, customers, and underwriters to obtain comparative quotes for multiple coverage and deductible limits. Customers choose the most suited policy for their needs.

Efficiently administer policies with unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

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