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Beyontec Suite’s Reinsurance Module is a comprehensive risk evaluation and management tool that automates reinsurance allocations based on facultative, proportional, and excess of loss treaties.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support your business – the way you to – giving you the independence and freedom to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

End-to-End Accounting Module
End-to-End Accounting Module

End-to-End Platform

Beyontec Suite’s reinsurance module provides the end-to-end processing of proportional, excess of loss, facultative, and co-insurance treaties with full financial reporting and auditing capabilities.
Effective Risk Control & Management
Effective Risk Control & Management

Effective Risk Control & Management

Beyontec Suite prevents financial leakage by maintaining all reinsurance information in a single repository.

Real-time Validation
Real-time Validation

Real-Time Validation

Beyontec Suite’s real-time treaty validation and cession calculation dramatically reduce manual processing and provide an avenue for automatic reporting to reinsurers.

Workflow Driven Solutions

Beyontec Suite’s future-ready, workflow-driven reinsurance module has the ability to store treaty information, automatically calculate ceded amounts, and report to reinsurers with little to no manual interference.

Business Rule Engine

Driven by a powerful business rules engine, Beyontec Suite is preconfigured with a catalog of business workflow queues to enable straight-through processing.

Treaty Definition

Beyontec Suite’s real-time validation of risks allows any quote or policy that is outside the treaty limit to be highlighted to the underwriter.

Real-Time Treaty Allocation

Beyontec Suite executes the reinsurance program based on automatic treaty processing where parameters and allocation percentages are defined in the system.

Mid-Term Reinsurance Allocation

Beyontec Suite’s Reinsurance Module allows the insurer to close a treaty or change the re-allocation on a particular risk mid-term, allowing for more closely managed ceding.

Treaty Statements

Beyontec Suite generates periodic financial statements of ceding activities, keeping insurers and reinsurers informed.

Reinsurance Accounting

Beyontec Suite provides the option to generate accounting entries for all treaties. The accounting entries include the debit and credit transactions to all insurer specific accounts.

Cash Call Processing

Beyontec Suite’s Reinsurance Module provides a “cash call” option when a claim exceeds the limits agreed to and defined in the treaty.

Non-Proportional Premium Processing

Beyontec Suite’s Reinsurance Module processes monthly excess of loss premiums based on defined layers within the system.

Non-Proportional Reinstatement Calculation

Beyontec Suite provides the facility to capture layer reinstatement premiums allowing reinstatements after claims.

Claims Recovery

Beyontec Suite’s Reinsurance Module provides automatic claim recovery from respective, defined treaties.

Automate reinsurance allocations and get automatic notifications.

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