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Hit the Ground Running with Beyontec’s One-Stop Solution for Start-ups

The start-up insurance ecosystem is seizing new opportunities and introducing products not offered by larger insurance companies. The success of these start-ups depends on their ability to innovate, automate, and launch products faster than others in the marketplace.

Insurance start-ups need a technology partner – not just a vendor – with comprehensive and easy-to-install administrative solutions that require minimum time and investments. They need a provider with the industry experience to mitigate costs and future-proof the business operations.

end to end insurance software solution

Product Highlights

Beyontec provides start-up insurers with the core technology needed to run their businesses. We serve as a one-stop-shop for the technology requirements required to manage the business operations. Our pre-configured solution stack is designed for those who value speed-to-market.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Beyontec Suite allows you to keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is configured with industry-specific products that meet the majority of Insurance Start-ups’ needs.


Beyontec Suite establishes an online presence and extends business activities to the web. It serves more customers by interconnecting policyholders, agents, and other business partners.

Pre-Configured Products

Beyontec Suite comes with pre-configured products for Insurance Start-ups, making it easy to launch new products and modify existing products.

End-to-End Solutions

Beyontec Suite offers a comprehensive set of solutions that include pre-configured products, cloud infrastructure, user portals, and accelerator tools that are fully integrated and support the insurance policy lifecycle.

Workflow Engine

Beyontec Suite is a workflow-driven solution with the ability to create and manage business processes and work queues dynamically. Using the workflow engine, start-up companies can define service level agreements (SLAs) and measure the turnaround times of each process .

Customer Independence

Beyontec Suite’s built-in configuration toolkit is designed to allow Beyontec customers to manage the day-to-day changes to products, workflows, rating and underwriting rules using fully integrated tools.

Rating Engine

Beyontec Suite’s robust rating definitions support even the most complex rating algorithms with reusable logic definitions. It can extend the automated rating process across all products and minimize the manual rating effort needed.

New Product Launch

Beyontec Suite’s product configuration tool, rating engine, and business rule definition enable start-ups to create and launch new products faster.

API Integration

Using a library of integration tools and APIs, Beyontec Suite can integrate with most external systems for seamless business transaction.

Mobile Solutions

Beyontec Suite’s self-service mobile application allows start-ups to offer a convenient way for the partners and customers to interact and transact business.

Paperless Solutions

Beyontec Suite transforms business operations to digital-eliminating manual, paper based operations. It allows the collaboration with multiple business entities using real-time information.

Get yourself the best cloud based and preconfigured solution to run your start-up business!

Modules of Beyontec Suite